Karron Winters


Not one to talk at length about himself, the following is an excerpt from an official document to come out of camp exile.

To: Lieutenant Faltis
From: Artemis Drole, scribe adjutant

Senior scribe Jacoby has informed me of your request to know more about the six members of Camp Exile that you wish to reform into the new platoon, and has tasked me with retrieving as much information as could be gleaned on the savage one hereafter referred to by the name Karron. Please understand that those people who knew Karron the best were unavailable for questioning as they are all recently deceased, therefore some of this information was relayed to me through third party sources and may not be entirely accurate.

Physical Appearance: According to company records Karron stands 18 and a half hands high, and weighs a bit more than 16 stones, has dark hair that he wears long (in blatant disregard of unit policies and procedure), his eyes were described to me as “feral blue” (whatever that means), and has more distinguishing marks than I care to elaborate on here sufficed to say that the whores of the camp have warned me against asking about the scars on his left flank.

Performance History: Karron has been with the company for at least three years or as many as eight, records are incomplete as to when he officially signed on (or if he did at all for that matter). Karron has fought in many battles, and his kill count is respected among all of the soldiery that I have talked to, however, his only mark of distinction seems to be that he is still alive. Karron has never been granted a promotion either formally or in the field, but neither has he put in a request for promotion consideration, he seems to be content to live on the fringes of the company both literally and figuratively (he keeps his own self constructed hut near the edge of the caldera). One point of note, I was unable to gain any detailed accounts of his fighting methods or abilities. The enlisted men that I spoke to who were present at the same battles as Karron were reticent to speak of his battlefield acts, save for one gentleman who I was able to cajole with a bottle of Thanysinth (a contraband item to be sure, but only obtained to further my investigation I assure you). I’ve included his testimony below in its entirety, please keep in mind that due to the euphoric nature of this liquor some of the language is a bit bizarre.

“Karron, right then, he was near my unit at the battle for Eagon’s pass. I got punctured …popped, poked by a stinger in the leg early in the battle like an’ had to lay about for the rest o’ the show. But Kar was there, says to me I was a wolf, though I was feelin like a forest thief wit me leg snared up. Says he’ll stand over me, and he did too wot for good. I’s just watched him making the prettiest fountains from’n the blood o’ any enemies that wandered too close. “Too close” I says to them that fell…(giggle)…”Too close!” hehe. It went on for hours, him makin bits o’ them, hours I tell ya! Never felt no sadness for those I is paid to kill, but that day…that day Kar jus’ kept making bits o’ them. So many pieces wot you couldn’t put em back together for lookin at em. I yelled out a warnin’ wanted to stop watching the fountains…no more splishy red rain…no more…they just kept falling…(note: The speaker at this point slipped into unconsciousness.)

What I can confer from this testimony is twofold: first, this Karron is savage in the basest sense so tread carefully when dealing with him; secondly, He could be quite an asset if his strength was yoked correctly.
Karron has received numerous accommodations for bravery and skill, was first over the wall at the Siege of Isthmiir, and first into the water during Kraken’s Crossing. He’s been awarded six company medals (all of which he has melted down and turned into some sort of primitive decorations, just imagine!). Do take these prizes with a grain of salt though, for every act that is a credit to him Karron has two disciplinary marks against. One look at his scarred back will attest to that.
A curious occurrence was brought to my attention during my investigation. With the exception of basic coins for upkeep and sundry items, Karron has never cashed in a full share after any of the battles he fought in; the company treasurer says that his is perhaps the greatest debit to a single soldier on the company ledger. If he were to fall in battle at this point the inflow of coin to the treasury would be substantial (I’m just saying…). No one knows why he hasn’t cashed in his pay; I would surmise that he doesn’t have a firm grasp of monetary value.

Recommendation: Karron is an incredibly strong, albeit brash and dangerous, fighter whose strength and resiliency is an asset to those near him. However, that being said, he’s a bit of a wildcard and I wouldn’t put any vital missions or assignments in his bloody hands. Karron is grossly unsuited to leadership; to put him in a position of authority over others could have disastrous consequences. In conclusion, I believe he should be treated in accordance with his behavior, which is that of a feral dog, leash and muzzle him then sic him on the next adversary to cross our collective paths.


Karron Winters

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